Maintenance Of Air Conditioning For Cozy House!

Home air conditioning requires is important. Commercial air conditioning has regular and scheduled check & maintenance service, something we forget about home air conditioning. We only use such services in the hour of breakdown. This makes you go crazy with the summer heat unless the air con service person knocks on your doorstep. To enjoy continuous air condition service, check your Air Conditioner on a regular basis. AirCCC lists the following benefits of a regularly checked air conditioner
* Decrease in power consumption
* Cooling and heating capacity- improves
* Life of the air conditioner extends
* Chances of system failure reduces
The humid summer months can be tough on your air conditioning system. Of all the major breakdown calls we have attended so far in this summer was due to dust and algae build up. Also the reason that most of the air con units were not serviced for more than a year. These breakdowns could have been prevented with periodic checkups and maintenance. Airccc home air conditioning services suggests few important pints:
Air conditioning service primarily consists of:
1. Routine checkup
2. Usage of branded Air con cleaners to clean the insides of filters and cowling
3. Clean outside condenser cowling with special foaming formulation.
4. Check gas where required.
5. Polish outside unit.
6. Check exposed pipes installation.
7. Spraying anti-corrosive on outside of the unit.
8. Always check and clean house fans. If you don’t clean them regularly its chargeable by the service man.
One of the few things that you must take care of to keep your home comfortable throughout the year is that your air conditioning has balanced airflow. It also increases energy efficiency and cuts on energy bills. For ducted air conditioning, balanced air flow ensures that HVAC system makes a maintained temperature in all the rooms. For that always check the dampers inside the ducts. Open and close them to set the air flow you need
Yes! You are not technical sound person and you can locate it not to worry. If you cannot locate the dampers, then you can check the vent openings inside of the walls to control home air flow:
o Ensure that the vents in the room should be completely open
o Ensure that all the doors are left open
o Set your thermostat and allow the heat pump and central air conditioning unit to regulate the temperature inside of the home.
o As the unit runs, take note of the temperature in each room and adjust the vent openings.

Balancing the airflow for the ducted home air conditioning is a trial and error task. For that we recommend that you use expert help and assistance from air conditioning service, who will not only do it but will also tell you few tips. They offer 24/7 breakdown repair service, air conditioning installation and maintenance. They also provide the air conditioning installation, warranty service for branded air conditioning. If you need air conditioning service, you know whom to call. The real maintenance can be done only by you to prevent breakdowns.


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