Air Conditioning Services: Tips for Beating the Heat

A humid, subtropical climate can be sweltering in the summer, and when the temperature routinely exceeds ninety degrees, the humidity makes it difficult to breathe. For these homeowners, summer can bring more than hot weather; it can also bring big electric bills due to constant air conditioner (AC) use. If you need to stay cool this summer on a budget, the following tips will help you beat the heat economically:

Insert a New Air Filter

These are designed to remove dust, pollen, and other debris from circulating into your home. When it becomes clogged with debris, it partially blocks the airflow that is generated by the air handler. In some homes, the filter is located in the ceiling above a grate. In others, it is located in an upright air handler unit.

Make Sure Registers are Open

When its registers are closed, or adjusted in a way that partially obstructs airflow, a room can take longer to cool down than it would if the registers were fully open. Before you start running your AC, make sure your home’s registers are in the fully open position.

Call an HVAC Service if You Notice Cooling Problems

When their home has a cooling problem, some homeowners lower the thermostat instead of calling an HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) service. In addition to not solving the problem, this strategy can also create large electric bills. If your house is not cooling well, call an HVAC service that specializes in air conditioning, and have the problem addressed professionally.

Use Fans to Circulate Air

Fans do not provide cool air, but they can help circulate it throughout your home. Keeping your blower on the “automatic” setting instead of the “on” setting, and keeping a few ceiling fans or box fans on a low setting can help you avoid the big electric bills that a constantly running blower creates.

Insulate Leaky Doors and Windows

Insulating leaky doors and windows is not just for keeping out coldness in the winter; it can also help keep out the heat in the summer, while keeping in the cool air from your AC. If your windows and doors are still insulated from the winter, you can leave the insulation in place until you decide to replace them.

Draw the Shades in Unattended Rooms

Raising the blinds on a sunny day can warm your home noticeably. If you are trying to stay cool, leave the shades drawn in unattended rooms. If the shades are a light color, they will help reflect the sunlight and the heat it contains.


Keeping your home cool can involve more than turning on your AC; it can also involve simple measures that increase the effectiveness of your AC, such as insulating doors and windows, or using fans to circulate cool air.

However, if your AC is having mechanical problems, these measures do not suffice for ignoring a call to your HVAC service. If it has not been serviced since last summer, make an appointment to have it inspected by an HVAC service that specializes in air conditioning.


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