A Guide for Maintaining the Commercial Air Conditioning


The commercial air conditioning is a very important part of business. It keeps the place nice and cold during the hot days. It helps in providing a good and comfortable shopping experience to the customers. The temperature of the rom can have a very positive effect on the enhancement of the sales. If you have refrigeration appliances then the air conditioning can help in increasing their efficiency by maintaining the temperature of the room.

The commercial air conditioning is not cheap and it is important to maintain the system in order to increase its durability and ensure its efficiency.

Maintenance of the air conditioning:

Clean the condensing unit of the air conditioner:

In order to clean the condensing unit, the first thing that you need to do is to turn the thermostat off.

The condensing unit can be cleaned with the help of a hose. Washing it with the help of a hose will help in removing all the dust and debris from the condenser. It should be left to dry for about 10 minutes before turning the thermostat on.

To ensure the efficiency of the commercial air conditioning it is very important to keep the condensing coils clean.

Keep the furnace filter clean:

The furnace filter needs to be cleaned regularly. It should be checked after every month. If the filter is dirty it will hinder the air flow and if the air flow is not free then the system will not work efficiently. Hold the filter against the light and it will help you see all of the dirt that is present on the filter.

Digital thermostat and its batteries should be checked:

The batteries of the thermostat should be checked because if they are weak then the air conditioner will not turn on. The average time for a battery change is two years.

Check the fuse and the circuit breaker:

The fuse and the circuit breaker should be checked regularly to ensure the efficient performance of the commercial air conditioning.

Temperature of the thermostat:

The temperature of the thermostat should never be set below 70 F. if the outside temperature falls below 60 F, there is no need for the air conditioner to be on. If you keep it on then there will be energy consumption without any need.

The humidifier:

If you have a humidifier then it should be turned off in summer and the humidistat should be turned off as well.

Bleaching the condensate pump:

If your commercial air condensate has a condensate pipe then you should put a cup of bleach in the pump once a month. This will help in keeping the pump clean and help it in functioning properly and efficiently.

Disconnect the power in the winter season:

In the winter season you do not require a commercial air conditioning system. When the system is not in use it is better to disconnect the system. You can either turn the breaker off or you can remove the pullout fuse. If you have disconnected the system then you should re-energize it for a whole day before using it.


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