5 Tips to Save Long Term Money on an Air Conditioning Service

We’re on the mid of spring, and as such, millions of Americans are getting their spring cleaning plans in order. However, despite the pro-maintenance mindset, few Americans take decisive care of their air conditioning systems during this time. Some detailed oriented thinking and preventative maintenance can end up saving huge amounts of money on mid-summer breakdowns and costly air condition repair- if your systems are taken care of now. These 5 tips, to be enacted this spring, will keep your AC unit in shape for the long haul and save huge in cost and replacement parts.

Start Slow
Many people choose to unplug their systems through the winter months. This saves a considerable amount of money in the form of preventing phantom electrical usage; when negligible amounts of electricity seep into a plug, building cost over time. When you finally plug back in after winter, allow 24 hours before you turn your system back on proper. If you try too quickly, you compressor could overload or even experience some additional wear and tear. Air conditioning parts (especially compressors) are expensive; no sense wearing them out needlessly. Be patient and wait the allotted time.

Ducts and Vents
When you’re going about your spring cleaning, make sure that you pay a little extra attention to the air vents in each room. If they’re blocked or covered by furniture, clothes, storage items, what have you; clear up the obstruction. These obstructions not only prevent treated air from getting into a room, they force the AC system to work harder to make up for it. Also, shore up any holes in duct work. Leaky ducts could end up costing hundreds in extra bills due to lost air.

Don’t Play With It
Resist tweaking the thermostat too often. Spring temperature can sometimes fluctuate between frosty and warm. Find an agreeable seasonal temperature and leave your thermostat at it for the whole season. Turn it up, and down, and back up again, just wastes the energy that is required to kick the system into gear. Save money and environmental impact by not fussing with your system and maintaining a comfortable setting.

Plants and Shrubs
Hang potted plants or buy tall shrubberies for the eastern and western areas of the home’s exterior. The plants will act as a shade that will prevent the sun from heating up your home, and as insulation to keep treated air in. Installing them now allows the plant time to grow out and become more effective for the upcoming summer. For an even more long term approach, it could be good to think about larger, thick shrubs or trees. The investment is considerable, and they take a while to grow; but the payoff if huge if you stick it out.

Early Appointments
Schedule your air conditioning service now, before the contractors are completely booked at the beginning of spring. Come summer, you will not often be able to get an appointment to suit your schedule. Now, air conditioning contractors have time to fit your schedule, time to answer any questions you may have in detail, and appliance parts are much cheaper than peak seasons. Schedule your appointment early to avoid midsummer woes.

Follow our tips and your system should stay strong and efficient during the summer. Spring air conditioning repairs are all about long term preparation. Be decisive and act today to protect your comfort in the future.


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